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14 February 2023

Topic Tuesday: Valentine's Day Polishes

I quite liked all the different pink polishes used in this pink themed dotticure.


2 February 2023

Same Prompt One Decade Later Nails: Pink

Today I am sharing my of the prompt 'pink' a decade on from the original which you can see here.

Base Polish | Barry M - Poinsettia
Dot Polishes Light to Dark |
Barry M - Peony
Essie - Lovey Dovey
Barry M - Marshmallow
Barry M - Wild Fig

Dotting Tool

2013 Version;


7 December 2022

Nail Polish Battle 2022: Pink and Red

Now that it's December, it's time for my annual nail polish battle. I find it interesting to look back over the year at the new polishes I have acquired and seeing which ones are my favourites.

Since last years nail polish battle I have 100 new nail polishes which is 28 more than last year. Today's battle is pink and red polishes, and it seems like the majority of these are from Barry M.

Pink is one of my least worn polishes so cutting the 18 down to three wasn't too difficult;

Romantic was the first to go from the three, its quite bright.

Beetroot and Chase were harder to choose from, ultimately it became against cream and shimmer finishes. Beetroot came second as in this round I preferred the cream finish.

So Chase is the winner, it is a cream berry shade;


7 February 2022

Nail Art: Pink Curves

Pink Polish | Barry M - Strawberry Whip

Striping Brush


26 January 2022

Nail Polish Swatch: Barry M - Strawberry Whip (2021 Calendar Exclusive)

Colour | Fuchsia
Finish | Cream
Opacity | Two Coats
Brush Type | Paddle Style
How Much | 10ml
Collection | 2021 Advent Calendar
Purchased From | Barry M
Vegan | Yes
Cruelty Free | Yes


25 December 2021

Barry M - Nail Paint Advent Calendar

This advent calendar has 12 full size polishes of which six are exclusive to the box as well as a surprise behind door 12. Before purchasing I checked what polishes were actually in the set and only two of them were already in my collection. 

I'll post a jump link below to hide any spoilers;