6 November 2019

Review: Born Pretty Store - Ur Sugar - Spider Gel - UR-01 White [#45820]*

Born Pretty Store is stocking this URSugar Spider Gel and this is in the colour black. It comes in a sealed 5ml pot. It also comes in 11 other colours and finishes.

Review-BPS-Born-Pretty-Store-Ur-Sugar-Spider-Gel-UR-01-White-#45820 Review-BPS-Born-Pretty-Store-Ur-Sugar-Spider-Gel-UR-01-White-#45820

It is similar to a gel polish in that it needs to be cured using a UV or LED lamp. The viscosity is thicker than a gel, and a lot more stringy which is the 'spider gel' effect.

To use this I dipped a dotting tool in to the gel picking up a string of gel and then placing it over my nail to create a spider gel nail art look. Then cured it in my lamp.


As it is called a spider gel I wanted to create a spider web nail look with it;

[Spider Web Nails]

Also created another nail look using the spider gel;


I have a 10% discount code if you would like to use it (HS7J61)

Born Pretty Store - $3.99



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