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30 January 2018

Nails: Stars

Base Polish: OPI - Alcatraz... Rocks
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Silver Foil Effect
Stamping Plate: QA79

8 March 2016

Nails: Purple Chevrons

Base Polish: OPI - Alcatraz Rocks
Stamping Polish: Stargazer - Purple Chrome
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster BM423

21 December 2014

Nail Polish Battle 2014: Nude + Other

For some reason  Leighton Denny polishes have been ruling the nude's during 2014!

 Leighton Denny - Créme de la Créme //  Leighton Denny - Opaque Elegance //  Leighton Denny - Supermodel //  Leighton Denny - Just Perfect

And the winner is Opaque Elegance, I really like this polish as a base for something. Great for stamping over, I particularly liked the cameo nails I used this for (here).

Next up we have the two polishes which didn't quite fit in under any other category!

OPI - Alcatraz... Rocks // Primark P.S - Glow in the Dark

The winner is the OPI, while the glow in the dark polish is fun for Halloween it isn't as versitile as the OPI which I really like.


30 April 2014

Swatch: OPI - Alcatraz Rocks

Colour: Purple / Navy with Gold Flecks
Finish: Glittered Texture
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type? Pro Wide
How Much? 15ml

This polish can be worn as it is, or top coated for a glossy finish. I think this polish really comes to life and looks amazing once it has been top coated. I have shown both ways below:

Polish as it comes, two coats
Ring Finger and Thumb Top Coated
Polish Top Coated

Looking through my collection I noticed two polishes which were similar, one a possible dupe:

OPI - Alcatraz Rocks V's Leighton Denny - Razzmatazz

OPI - Alcatraz Rocks V's - Barry M - Countess 

Countess is more purple based where as Alcatraz Rocks is more blue / purple based.