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11 February 2024

Monthly Empties: January 2024

Not much used up during January;

Primark Glow in the Dark | This polish no longer transitions [swatch].
L'Occitane Rose Hand Cream | While I do like the 20% shea hand cream formula the scent isn't something I like. Happy to use it up but wouldn't purchase the scent.

Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn | Scent of this was very much butter popcorn, the formula was good too and I used it up. Would repurchase.
Superdrug Vitamin E Lip Balm | I didn't use this up, the scent is too strong to be so close to my nose and it really didn't taste good either. Wouldn't repurchase.
Mad Beauty Lip Balm Vanilla | The formula on this was too waxy and dragged too hard over my lips. I didn't use this up and wouldn't repurchase.

Lush Snow Bear Soap | A creamy, moisturising soap. Supposed to smell of marzipan but I didn't quite agree with that. It was nice enough but don't think I'd repurchase.
Lush Snow Fairy Melt | It said you could use this as a wax melt which I did but it didn't have any scent throw at all. Disappointing, and wouldn't repurchase.
A Certain Becca Lacquer Cranberry Cocktail Melt | This wax did have a good scent throw to it unlike the Lush wax.


29 September 2023

Nail Polish Swatch - Fancy Gloss - White Ghost (Glow in the Dark)

Colour | White
Finish | Topper, Glow in the Dark
Opacity | Two Coats shown over Orly Oh Darling
Brush Type | Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much | 15ml
Vegan | Yes
Cruelty Free | Yes
Purchased From | Rainbow Connection


7 October 2022

Nail Polish Swatch: Prism Polish - Heists Are Dumb

Colour | Blue
Finish | Glow in the Dark
Opacity | Two Coats, Topper
How Much | 11ml
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
Vegan | Yes
Cruelty Free | Yes
Collection | Halloween Heist
Purchased From |


17 January 2022

Nail Art: Glow in the Dark Moon

Base Polish | Barry M - Plum Jam
Glow in the Dark Polish | Prism Polish - Heists Are Dumb
Stamping Polish | Dance Legend - Sticky Black
Stamping Plate | Nicole Diary 213


19 October 2021

Topic Tuesday: Halloween Themed Polish

I wear a lot of different polishes throughout spooky month, but specific Halloween themed polishes I don't have too many of. Went for NeVerMind Slender Man an off white shard glitter, holo polish and Primark Glow in the Dark as it's my only glow in the dark polish.



16 October 2019

Halloween Nails: Which Nails Are Witch Nails?

I saw these nails on sohotrightnail instagram, and thought I would try to recreate them, with glow in the dark effect.

Green Polish | Color Club - Twiggie
Glow Polish | Primark - Glow In The Dark
Red Polish | A England - Shall Be My Queen

Black Acrylic Paint
Striping Brush
000 Brush


21 December 2014

Nail Polish Battle 2014: Nude + Other

For some reason  Leighton Denny polishes have been ruling the nude's during 2014!

 Leighton Denny - Créme de la Créme //  Leighton Denny - Opaque Elegance //  Leighton Denny - Supermodel //  Leighton Denny - Just Perfect

And the winner is Opaque Elegance, I really like this polish as a base for something. Great for stamping over, I particularly liked the cameo nails I used this for (here).

Next up we have the two polishes which didn't quite fit in under any other category!

OPI - Alcatraz... Rocks // Primark P.S - Glow in the Dark

The winner is the OPI, while the glow in the dark polish is fun for Halloween it isn't as versitile as the OPI which I really like.