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19 April 2022

Topic Tuesday: Polishes for Characters of your Favourite Book or Movie

I don't think I have any character named polishes for a movie I particularly like, the closest to that would be Slendy by NeVerMind which is named after the creepypasta story about Slenderman which was since made into a movie.


19 October 2021

Topic Tuesday: Halloween Themed Polish

I wear a lot of different polishes throughout spooky month, but specific Halloween themed polishes I don't have too many of. Went for NeVerMind Slender Man an off white shard glitter, holo polish and Primark Glow in the Dark as it's my only glow in the dark polish.



12 December 2020

Nail Polish Battle 2020: Glitter and Flakies

NeVerMind - Slendy // Painted Polish - Blue Jean Baby // Dystopia - Couldn't Miss This One This Year // OPI - Let's Celebrate // OPI - Born to Sparkle // Fancy Gloss - Magma // Femme Fatale - Weird Sisters

I found coming up with my top three difficult, which is surprising given I don't like glitter. Slendy is particularly unique to my collection and I was surprised by how much I liked it. The following made it in to the top three.

Weird Sister is quite a unique polish, a thermal that goes from black to clear with added glitters. I haven't owned a thermal that goes clear prior to this.


In second place, Couldn't Miss This One This Year which again is a very unique polish to me. Everyone has heard of thermal changing polishes whereas this one actually changes colour in direct sunlight. Blue to purple colour change packed with flakies.


Which means the winner is Magma, which is a flakie topper. The colour shifts in this duochrome is stunning, all of the autumnal colours in a polish. Also it looks great with a matte topcoat.



27 October 2020

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Halloween Polishes for 2020

This Halloween I really have been enjoying A England The Raven, as it is nice and dark. Also I have enjoyed wearing NeVermind Slendy, which is quite different to any of the polishes I have owned before.



9 October 2020

Swatch: NeverMind - Slendy [PPU July 2020 - Rewind]

Colour | Light Grey
Finish | Crelly base, black shard glitter, scattered holo
Opacity | Three Coats Shown
Brush Type | Standard
How Much | 15ml