7 October 2014

Swatch: Primark PS - Glow in the Dark Polish


So this is a swatch rather than actual Halloween nail art, but I thought now would be a good time to share a fun polish which I have been using a lot recently and will be on the blog in the form of nail art very soon. It comes packaged in a cute light bulb box, this is the yellow glow in the dark polish but there was also a neon pink version.

3 coats, standard light, bottle shot


Polish being 'charged' with a black light


Polish in the dark after being 'charged' up


The polish dries quite quickly which was a good thing as I needed 3 coats to achieve opacity.

The glow in the dark aspect of the polish wasn't noticeable at all unless I had 'charged' it up by holding a light over it for a couple of seconds before hand.

A very potent smelling polish.

£1.50 for 12ml


  1. Oh wow, this really works, doesn't it? I would have to say yes - the packaging is just too cute and suitable for this polish! But I don't have any glow in the dark ones myself but they do work out pretty well. I will see if I can get my hands on some :D

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    1. Some work better than others, this one is quite glowy once it's been 'charged up'.


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