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18 December 2022

Nail Polish Battle 2022: Dark Purple

Next up I am looking over my dark purples, I've split the purples in to two as purple is the colour I appear to have bought this past year.

Femme Fatale Cave of Wonders // Kathleen and Co Graveyard Shift // UberChic Don't Hex My Vibe // Vanessa Molina Dark Opal // Paradox Crocus Sativus // Danglefoot Evil Robot Lady // Danglefoot Apocalypse // Glisten and Glow Cats and Bats // Cadillacquer Purple Lights // FYNO Nirvana // Cat Tail Bloody and Bruised // Orly Plum Noir // OPI Abstract After Dark

As with the light purples it was tricky to choose only three from the 13 in this category. Went with a magnetic, flakie and a tri-thermal.

In third place is Graveyard Shift, a multichrome magnetic which looks better in person than in photos.

In second is Crocus Sativus (Saffron) which is a jelly violet base with pink flakies and scattered holo.

Finally in third place is Bloody and Bruised, my first tri-thermal polish. It is a cream thermal changing from plum, blue to lilac. I hope the thermal doesn't die soon in it.


7 March 2022

Nail Polish Swatch: By Vanessa Molina - Dark Opal [PPU January 2021 - Spices and Condiments]

[Indoors, Flash]

Colour | Dark Violet Base, Multichrome Magnet
Finish | Multichrome, Magnetic, Flash Reactive
Opacity | Two Coats
How Much | 11ml
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
Vegan | Yes
Cruelty Free | Yes
Collection | Spices and Condiments
Purchased From | Polish Pickup UK

[Direct Sunlight, No Flash]

[Indoors, No Flash]