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19 January 2017

Swatch: Freckles - French Martini


Colour: Purple
Finish: Holographic
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type? Standard
How Much? 10ml


6 December 2016

Nail Polish Battle 2016: Holo Polishes

I much prefer holographic nail polish over a glitter or a metallic finish. I am surprised that I only seem to have acquired five this past year!

Cupcake Polish - Berry Looking Good // Freckles - I'll Need Wine // Freckles - French Martini // A England - Polovetsian Dances // A England - Natasha's Dance

It was hard to choose between these polishes, I ended up with Berry Looking Good and Polovetsian Dances because they were so different and the formulas are both fantastic.

The winner of this battle is Berry Looking Good, because it is such a strong holo and it looks amazing even when worn by itself which is something I don't usually do with any nail polish.

Just look at that gorgeous holo!