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12 May 2024

Empties: April 2024

I was going through my polishes and came across two which are beyond saving, and three hand creams used up as my hands were feeling particularly worse for wear.

A England Heathcliff | I liked the idea of this better than the colour itself, if it was available I wouldn't repurchase [swatch].
Jade Violeta | This was one of my very first holo polishes from 2014, probably only 1/5 of the bottle left. I'd not repurchase as since getting it I have many similar shades and finishes [swatch].
Loccitane Hand Gel | This is a lightweight formula, good daytime hand product for me. I don't know what the scent is, but something minty and eucalyptus which I enjoyed. I would repurchase this. 
Loccitane Rose Hand Cream | This is a thick heavy duty hand cream, I like the formula it helps repair hands. I don't like the scent of this so wouldn't repurchase in the rose.

Lipsmacker Coca Cola Vanilla Lipbalm | These are the lip balm texture I prefer, isn't too hard to tear my lips nor too soft it leaves my lips very slippy. I would repurchase if I didn't have others to get through.
Carmex Peach and Mango Burst Lip Balm | I liked the formula of this it was moisturising, however during the colder months it was hard to squeeze out product and after using up 2/3 of it I couldn't get anymore out and so had to cut it open so I wouldn't repurchase.
L'Occiatane Shampoo | This sample size only had enough in for one wash which isn't enough for me to have an opinion on.
Lush Super Milk Leave in Conditioner | Its a lightweight leave in conditioner which smells of lemon candyfloss. My hair is fine and this works when I am wearing it straight or wavy, if you have dry curly or coily hair I imagine you would need to use more or layer on a curl cream on top. I would repurchase.

Lush Lord of Misrule Shower Gel | The scent is identical to the bath bomb, musky and patchouli and a little goes a long way. It is expensive, but I would repurchase it.
L'Occitane Herbae Hand Cream | This sinks in quickly and doesn't leave a greasy trail. The scent does linger, it isn't my favourite scent but I really like the formula. I may repurchase if I didn't have many others to get through.

L'Occitane Body Milk Amande | The almond scent from L'Occitane is one I really enjoy, this was a sample of the body milk which was a light moisturiser which sank into my skin quickly. It costs over £45 for 200ml so I wouldn't purchase this full size.
Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb | Been a while since I used this, patchouli, earthy, spicy. Would keep repurchasing as long as they come out for Halloween, I recently stocked up on more [2021 Review].
Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar | My go to bubble bar, it is sweet and fruity, blackcurrant. Makes lots of bubbles and it can be broken up to use over multiple baths, always will repurchase this.
L'Occitane Overnight Reset Oil in Serum | Another sample used up, it left my skin feeling so dry and tight after using it that I had to use another moisturiser afterwards so I wouldn't repurchase.


1 December 2017

Nail Polish Battle 2017: Black and Silver

Seeing as it is almost the end of 2017 it is time for my annual nail polish battle. Always interesting to look back over the year at the new polishes I have gotten and seeing which ones are my favourites.

So since last years nail polish battle I have 53 new nail polishes and today I am looking at black and silver ones of which we are starting with 10.

Barry M - Holographic Lights // Barry M - Icicle // A England - The Beggar Maid // A England - Heathcliff // A England - King Cophetua // A England - Incense Burner // A England - Nocturne // Barry M - Black Pistachio // Barry M - Black // Barry M - Black Forest

Firstly I began by selecting my top three;

Barry M - Holographic Lights // A England - Nocturne // Barry M - Black Forest

A England Nocturne is a gorgeous black polish with a holographic scattering in it.

Barry M Black Forest is a really good formula, opaque in almost one coat and a easy to use brush.

The winner of this round however is Holographic Lights, this is a great silver holographic polish. Something new and a bit different for the high street / drug store, and under £5.

10 August 2017

Swatch: A England - Heathcliff (To Emily Bronte)


Colour: Multi Colour Glitter in Black Base
Finish: Fine Glitter
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 11ml