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28 January 2014

Review: OPI Avojuice - Jasmine

OPI Avojuice - Jasmine Hand and Body Lotion

"A rich, alluring scent of blooming jasmine with a hint of citrus and violet, with smooth, rich moisturisers plus nourishing Avocado and healing Aloe extracts" - LenaWhite

This hand lotion has to be the best day time, on the go hand lotion I have tried.

+ Sinks in quickly
+ Stops hands feeling dry
+ Doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy or oily
+ Smells amazing
+ Scent lingers for a long time
+ 30ml is a great size for the handbag

- Not a intensive hand cream
- Scent may be over powering if you are sensitive to smells

If Jasmine isn't a favourite scent of yours there are other scents available, I've tried a couple of these and they all smell amazing and work in the same way.

30ml - £2.25