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29 April 2021

Review: Wild - Refillable Natural Deodorant

Bought myself some refillable deodorant to try out, I have a 20% off code if you want to give it a go as well (here). Wanted to do a review because I couldn't find many online when I was looking it up. I've been using Wild Natural Deodorant for a year now.

I got the scents
Mint Fresh
Orange Zest
Bergamot Rituals

All three scents smell quite like essential oils, I couldn't smell anything specific from all three of them especially when wearing them.

I have been wanting to incorporate more reusable items in to my life, less single use plastics and products in general. The process started in 2007, so definitely a journey!

Wild is a 100% natural deodorant, vegan and cruelty free, paraben and aluminium free.

The idea is you have a case which comes in different colours and then you buy refills once you've used it up. The refills themselves come in cardboard which can be recycled.

Wild is more of a soft bar type of deodorant, similar to dry deodorant sticks.

Does it work?
I have found that using this deodorant is very similar to my old Sure Aquastick, of the scents I have used I couldn't smell any of them on me once applied. However I also don't smell, I've used this product for a year and throughout the four seasons I found it worked well. 

What about staining?
Apparently it is the aluminium that stains lighter clothes so this doesn't do that, but I don't wear light colours so can't comment on it staining white.

What about white marks?
I only wear black and so can comment on this one! I have found doing two swipes on each armpit is enough so I don't smell but it also as far as I have noticed left any white marks on my clothes.

Would I recommend it?
If you are used to the format of a dry stick rather than a traditional roll on then the switch to this is very easy. They keep bringing new scents out too to try something different. I have recommended it to friends, I think it's an easy swap to something more environmentally friendly.