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2 February 2015

Swatch: Laquerlicious - Peacock Tail

Today is the beginning of 'indie month' I will be swatching an indie nail polish each day for the rest of the month.


Colour: Teal
Finish: Glitter
Opacity: Two coats over Collection Electric Dreams
Brush: Standard
From? Laquerlicious

2 October 2014

Pick n' Mix 52 Week Challenge: Teal Gradient

With Tri-Polish Tuesday and Golden Oldie Thursday nail challenges coming to an end there is a new challenge ready to take their places - Pick n' Mix 52 Week Challenge. Each week there is a colour and a prompt to follow, this challenge is being ran by Crumpet's Nail Tarts and is once a week for a year.

As the title suggests this weeks challenge is to do something teal and/or gradient:


Base Polishes: Essence - Miss Universe 147, Barry M - Guava
Glitter Polish: Laquerlicious - Peacock Tail