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15 October 2015

Swatch: Leighton Denny - Starstruck

This polish was from a QVC collection called The Sky's the Limit.


Colour: Blackened Grey
Finish: Fine Glitter
Opacity: Two Coats
How Much? 12ml
Brush Type: Standard

29 November 2014

Leighton Denny - The Sky's the Limit Collection

Starstruck // Crystal Finish Top Coat // Fireball // Undercover Base Coat // Moon Shine

This set comes with three polishes, a base and a top coat.

Leighton-Denny-The-Sky's-The-Limit-Collection-Starstruck-QVC Leighton-Denny-The-Sky's-The-Limit-Collection-Fireball-Moon-QVC Leighton-Denny-The-Sky's-The-Limit-Collection-Moon-Shine-QVC

Leighton-Denny-The-Sky's-The-Limit-Collection-Undercover-QVC Leighton-Denny-The-Sky's-The-Limit-Collection-Crystal-Finish-QVC


Starstuck is a glitter black polish, opaque in two coats.



Fireball is a orange, red, pink glitter polish. Opaque in two coats.

Moon Shine;

Moon Shine is described as a cream shimmer. This is three coats of it and you can still see my smile line. This would work well as a topper.

The base coat is good, it leaves your nails matte which helps the polish to stick, it is also a pink, nude colour which helps disguise any discoloration your nails might have. The Crystal Finish top coat is relatively quick drying, and does leave a nice shine to the nails. An improvement on the previous version.

The Sky's the Limit Collection - QVC