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26 July 2017

Review: Leighton Denny - Colour and Go Duo Base and Top Coat


This is one of Leighton Denny's Colour and Go Duo Nail Paint Duo's. This particular one contains 4ml of Under Cover Base Coat and 4ml of the New Crystal Finish Top Coat. I got this in a set, I have also seen this as a magazine freebie.

Under Cover Base Coat

"An innovative, matt-finish base coat that helps 'grip' colour to help maximise wear and reduce chipping. It has colour diffusers to even tone and mask nail discolouration. It contains Panthenol (Pro vitamin B5), Calcium & Vitamin E to help strengthen and support the nail. When UNDER COVER changes from shiny to matt it shows you its time to apply nail colour" - Leighton Denny

I actually quite like this base coat, I find that it changing to a matte finish really does help the polish you apply on top to stick better as well as being a guide as when to apply the polish.

New Crystal Finish Top Coat

"Leighton Denny Crystal Finish. This Crystal Finish nail polish offers a crystal hard, fast-drying top coat on top of your nail colour, or a shiny clear polish on its own. Add incredible gloss and lustre to your manicure with this Leighton Denny Top Coat"

This really did dry the polish quickly, not as quickly as Seche Vité, Sally Hansen Insta Dri or HK Girl but still quickly. The shine is great too. This new formulation is definitely an improvement on the previous crystal finish top coat.

I found the concept of the pen to be very useful, especially for travel. It means you can put this in your nail bag and not think too hard about having the basics. The brushes were both of standard Leighton Denny size and were really easy to work with. I did find painting using the pen to be a little difficult as the brush was top heavy as it had the other end of the pen attached.

2 January 2016

QVC Leighton Denny Inspired By Nature - Winter Berry (Auto Delivery December 2015)

[Cosmetics Bag]

This set was the forth drop in the inspired by nature collection.

Leighton Denny's nine-piece Inspired By Nature collection gives you everything you need to achieve a fabulous salon-quality manicure at home. Plus a stylish vanity bag to store it all in. Let your nails signal the arrival of the new season with this fab collection from Leighton Denny.

Winter Berry Set Contains:
- Best Defence Hand Cream 75ml
- Buffer
- Autumn Leaves Cosmetics Bag
- Raspberry Fury Polish
- Blueberry Bloom Polish
- Falling Stars Polish
- Miracle Mist
- Under Cover Base Coat
- Crystal Finish Top Coat
- Remove and Go Pot

Blueberry Bloom // Raspberry Fury // Falling Stars

22 March 2015

QVC Leighton Denny Inspired By Nature - Spring Floral (TSV March 2015)

[Cosmetics Bag]

This set was a Today Special Value, although it is available here.

Leighton Denny's nine-piece Inspired By Nature collection gives you everything you need to achieve a fabulous salon-quality manicure at home. Plus a stylish vanity bag to store it all in. Let your nails signal the arrival of the new season with this fab collection from Leighton Denny.

Spring Floral Set Contains:

- Best Defence Spring Floral Hand and Nail Cream (75ml)
 - Spring Floral vanity bag - in a print designed especially for QVC
- Spring Floral buffer
- I Like Lilac Nail Polish
- Morning Dew Nail Polish
- Rosey Posey Nail Polish
- Under Cover Base Coat
- Crystal Finish Top Coat
- Miracle Drops
- Remove & Go Polish Remover Pot

Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-Buffer-Hand-Cream-Best-Defence Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-miracle-drops-remove-and-go
Buffer // Hand Cream // Miracle Drops // Remove and Go

Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-Crystal-Finish-Undercover Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-rosey-posey-morning-dew-i-like-lilac
Under Cover Base Coat // Crystal Finish Top Coat // Rosey Posey // Morning Dew // I Like Lilac

Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-Rosey-Posey Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-Morning-Dew Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-I-Like-Lilac
Rosey Posey // Morning Dew // I Like Lilac

29 November 2014

Leighton Denny - The Sky's the Limit Collection

Starstruck // Crystal Finish Top Coat // Fireball // Undercover Base Coat // Moon Shine

This set comes with three polishes, a base and a top coat.

Leighton-Denny-The-Sky's-The-Limit-Collection-Starstruck-QVC Leighton-Denny-The-Sky's-The-Limit-Collection-Fireball-Moon-QVC Leighton-Denny-The-Sky's-The-Limit-Collection-Moon-Shine-QVC

Leighton-Denny-The-Sky's-The-Limit-Collection-Undercover-QVC Leighton-Denny-The-Sky's-The-Limit-Collection-Crystal-Finish-QVC


Starstuck is a glitter black polish, opaque in two coats.



Fireball is a orange, red, pink glitter polish. Opaque in two coats.

Moon Shine;

Moon Shine is described as a cream shimmer. This is three coats of it and you can still see my smile line. This would work well as a topper.

The base coat is good, it leaves your nails matte which helps the polish to stick, it is also a pink, nude colour which helps disguise any discoloration your nails might have. The Crystal Finish top coat is relatively quick drying, and does leave a nice shine to the nails. An improvement on the previous version.

The Sky's the Limit Collection - QVC

2 February 2014

QVC Leighton Denny - Leighton Loves Glamour (TSV November 2013)

Cosmetic Bag

While this was a Today Special Value you can still purchase this from QVC here. I was lucky enough to get this as a gift for Christmas (thank you!)

Leighton Loves Glamour Collection from Leighton Denny. This eight-piece set contains four stunning high performance nail colours including two new shades, plus new and improved Crystal Finish, a Colour & Go Nail Paint Duo, Miracle Drops and a Remove & Go Polish Remover. Featuring this season's hottest new colours, this fabulous set will make a great gift, or a treat for you to keep those nails looking gorgeous and glamorous.

Inside the bag, showing various elastic pockets

- Two Tone Teal - QVC exclusive, this gorgeous teal blue has a subtle shimmer
- Opaque Elegance - QVC exclusive, creamy caramel
- Steel Appeal - Metallic, slate grey, has a soft shimmering tone
- Pillow Talk - Berry shade with a touch of dark pink through it
- Crystal Finish - Top Coat
- Colour & Go Nail Paint Duo - Gold Dust a clear coat with gold shimmer particles, Angel Dust (4ml) - a clear coat with silver sparkle particles
- Miracle Drops - Speed up nail polish drying time with this specially blended silicone formula
- Remove & Go Polish Remover
- Cosmetic bag
Opaque Elegance | Pillow Talk | Steel Appeal | Two Tone Teal | Crystal Finish Top Coat

Leighton-Denny-Loves-Glamour-QVC-TSV-november-2013-remove-and-go-pot Leighton-Denny-Loves-Glamour-QVC-TSV-november-2013-miracle-drops
Remove and Go Polish Remover Pot | Miracle Drops

Angel Dust | Gold Dust

I am sure I will swatch and review these products in time, if you want to know something specific ask away.