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26 July 2021

Nail Art: Celestial Marble

Base Polish | Barry M - Sunburst
Sun Polish | UberChic - If You've Got it Haunt It
Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang 002
Stamping Plate | Nicole Diary 213


14 December 2015

Nail Polish Battle 2015: Purples

Purple nail polish is one of my favourites, which is why I have more new polishes than other colours!

Nails Inc - Palace Terrace Gardens // Leighton Denny - I Like Lilac // A England - Crown Of Thistles // Barry M - Orchid (Silk) // Barry M - Sparkling Amethyst // China Glaze - Sleeping Under The Stars // OPI - Lincoln Park at Midnight // Kiko - 255 // OPI - Cosmo With A Twist 

I managed to whittle my way down to the top three;

China Glaze is a dark purple colour with a subtle fuchsia shimmer running through it.

The top two include a holographic and a micro glitter.

Crown of Thistles is a stunning orchid holographic colour. One I wore a lot during 2015, and something which really comes to life when in direct sunlight.

However the winner of this battle is Kiko 255, a dark purple packed full of micro multi glitter. Almost galaxy like and gorgeous enough to wear as is.

5 April 2015

Swatch: Leighton Denny - I Like Lilac


Colour: Pastel Lilac
Finish: Cream
Opacity: 3 Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 12ml

2 April 2015

Pick n' Mix 52 Week Challenge: Music + Not Worn Enough

The prompt this week was music and a polish not worn enough. I chose to to Placebo - Song To Say Goodbye, and the polish was Pretty - Leather Effect.

"You are one of God's mistakes,
You crying, tragic waste of skin.
I'm well aware of how it aches,
and you still won't let me in"


Pretty - Leather Look
Leighton Denny - I Like Lilac

Black 0.3mm Sharpie
Silver Gel Pen


22 March 2015

QVC Leighton Denny Inspired By Nature - Spring Floral (TSV March 2015)

[Cosmetics Bag]

This set was a Today Special Value, although it is available here.

Leighton Denny's nine-piece Inspired By Nature collection gives you everything you need to achieve a fabulous salon-quality manicure at home. Plus a stylish vanity bag to store it all in. Let your nails signal the arrival of the new season with this fab collection from Leighton Denny.

Spring Floral Set Contains:

- Best Defence Spring Floral Hand and Nail Cream (75ml)
 - Spring Floral vanity bag - in a print designed especially for QVC
- Spring Floral buffer
- I Like Lilac Nail Polish
- Morning Dew Nail Polish
- Rosey Posey Nail Polish
- Under Cover Base Coat
- Crystal Finish Top Coat
- Miracle Drops
- Remove & Go Polish Remover Pot

Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-Buffer-Hand-Cream-Best-Defence Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-miracle-drops-remove-and-go
Buffer // Hand Cream // Miracle Drops // Remove and Go

Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-Crystal-Finish-Undercover Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-rosey-posey-morning-dew-i-like-lilac
Under Cover Base Coat // Crystal Finish Top Coat // Rosey Posey // Morning Dew // I Like Lilac

Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-Rosey-Posey Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-Morning-Dew Leighton-Denny-Inspired-By-Nature-Spring-Floral-QVC-TSV-March-2015-I-Like-Lilac
Rosey Posey // Morning Dew // I Like Lilac