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11 June 2024

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Wedding Polishes

Something typical would be Orly Sea Spray, a cream with a pink shimmer, or for something darker something like a black jelly polish like Miss Sporty Goth Me Black.



4 June 2024

Topic Tuesday: Spring to Summer Transition Polishes

Spring to Summer transition polishes for me would be bleached neon's, not really bright neon's which would be typically more summer but not as muted as Spring colours.


23 April 2024

Topic Tuesday: Designated Birthday Polish

I don't have a specific designated polish I wear each birthday, however I usually wear something dark purple or black.


14 April 2024

Topic Tuesday: Spring Nail Art

Some spring nail art I like tends to be something floral. This floral and Spring Daisies below;



2 April 2024

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Speckled Polishes

I don't have a lot of speckled finishes, I think my favourite two would be from the Models Own Speckled Egg collection. The green one Magpie and the blue one Duck.



19 March 2024

Topic Tuesday: Polish Pet Peeves

I would have said nail polishes which need more than two coats to achieve opacity. However more recently I can appreciate a speciality finish polish which needs more coats to show the glowy shimmer or flakie depth. But a cream finish polish, two coats maximum.