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7 November 2023

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Prugly Polishes

Prugly is very subjective, for me Barry M Mustard or Orly Elysian Fields would be typically 'ugly' polishes but I like them especially for Autumn.



31 October 2023

Topic Tuesday: Burial Polish?

Quite a morbid question, but that said everyone does die. I think I would go for the same polish as last week, a black cream finish polish.


24 October 2023

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Polishes for Serious Occasions

The suggestions for this prompt were funerals, reading of a will, business meetings and family portraits. For a serious occasions I think I would just go for a black cream, Barry M Black Forest or Orly Liquid Vinyl.



17 October 2023

Topic Tuesday: Top Halloween Nails

Every October I try to do Halloween Nails every day or every other day. Below are a few from the last 10 years;


10 October 2023

Topic Tuesday: First Mainstream and Indie Polishes

I think my first mainstream polish was Barry M Navy, or La Femme black in around 1998 and my first indie polish was KPT Color Therapy in around 2013.



3 October 2023

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Halloween Polishes?

Halloween polishes I like from my collection would be things such as Heists are Dumb from Prism Polish which glows in the dark. Another would be Evil Pumpkin from Fancy Gloss which is a typical orange base with different sized black hex glitters.