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20 February 2024

Topic Tuesday: Best Toppers

Best polish that can also be worn as a topper, for this prompt I think Lumen Crystal Cave it can be worn as is but also as a topper which is how I prefer it.



6 February 2024

Topic Tuesday: Valentine's Day Polishes

Two recent to me polishes which I will be wearing this month are Orly Sea Blossom and NailKind Tempt Me.



30 January 2024

Topic Tuesday: Winter Pastels

I think Barry M Periwinkle and Barry M Bluebell are good examples of winter pastel type polishes.



23 January 2024

Topic Tuesday: Top Picks for 'Peach Fuzz'

2024 is the 25th year of pantone colour of the year. Peach Fuzz is this year's polish and described as a light, delicate shade somewhere between pink and orange. I chose Just Perfect and Hot Under the Collar from Leighton Denny.


16 January 2024

Topic Tuesday: Brands with Interesting Bottles

The two outliers within my collection would be I Scream Nails and their ice cream cone bottle and Mooncat and their angled lid.


9 January 2024

Topic Tuesday: Brands You'll be Showing More Love to in the New Year

In 2024 if money were no object I would like to purchase a lot more from UK indies and from the mainstream brands, Orly.