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4 July 2012

Summer Nail Challenge: Independence Day

4th July – Independence Day was the challenge for today and being British I had to actually double check the American flag!

Fireworks and the flag!

31 May 2012

Tutorial: Great British Flag

This tutorial is quite rushed as I am in a hurry to get this post out there before the Jubilee weekend.

1) After using a base coat paint all nails in a blue polish, I used Models Own - True Blue

2) Try and paint a cross on top of the blue using a white polish, I used Barry M's - Matte White

3) Using the same polish drag some diagonal lines in the gaps of the previous cross

4) Most complicated part, paint a fine line down the diagonal cross lines. I used Eyeko - Saucy

5) With the same polish paint another cross over the larger one in the middle. Once that is dried paint on a top coat to help smooth out the polish from being a little bumpy. Tidy up any mishaps and you are done!

14 March 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 22 - Flag

Inspired by a flag. I really should have thought to do an easier design but I thought with it being St. David's Day on the first I got the inspiration from that.