18 April 2011

Swatch: George @Asda Nail Varnish - Buttercup Shine

First polish from George @Asda but for a pound I thought why not! Yes it is a really bright in your face yellow which I wouldnt wear alone. I got it for nail art, for a base colour or for mixing as yellow is a primary colour. I couldn't leave it like this though, way too bright for me!

Anyhow on to the polish, this is Buttercup Shine (16) and in the above pictures I had painted on three coats in order to get a totally opaque covering without streaks. I dont really like polishes which need that many coats. The brush is a little larger than in a standard sized polish which was interesting because with it being a smaller polish (8ml) I would have imagined a smaller brush, so that was a good surprise. As for its claims of being quick dry, they didnt say how long was quick. I found though drying time wasnt bad but neither was is super quick.

Over all I think I would buy George polishes again, as for this colour well I think it will last a long time anyhow!


£1 - 8ml

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