15 April 2011

Swatch: W7 - Crackle Polish - Silver Earthquake

Another quick review, this time it is W7 Silver Earthquake

First thing I noticed was the amount you get, 15ml!

I was wanting a silver shatter since Barry M came out with their black one, but when then finally launched other colours there was no silver. Then I heard Models Own were so I got excited about getting their silver. Anyhow while I was waiting for that one I saw this on a market stall and got it.

I paid £1.99 but its retail price is supposed to be £3.49 which I would have happily paid. Nice shatter effect, not as quick as the Barry M but not slow either. Looks great on top of a dark colour.

Overall: If you see this and your after a silver shatter go ahead and get it, totally worth it!


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