8 October 2011

Swatch: No.7 - Beautifully Black Polish

Boots seem to run the £5 off voucher a few times a year and this is where this polish came from

Indoors - Natural Light

It is a foil finish which means easy to remove!

First thing I noticed other than the shade was the brush, the handle is quite chunky in the hand but the brush end does impress. Its slim on one side but wide on the other

Which means that it fits the nail and around the cuticle perfectly

Something else I noticed was the odd shapes neck of the bottle. Only negative I can think of is when the polish is running low it may be difficult to reach the liquid

Opacity: One thick coat would do
Brush Type: Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
Value for money? Retails for £7, which it is not worth. £2 with the vouchers.

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