16 March 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 23

You may have already spotted this set of nails I did, if not here is a dedicated post for week 23 of the challenge. SPRING!


  1. Very nice and apt for the new season too :D

  2. wondering if it is possible to watercolor 'french' tips...?

    1. do you mean as in using water colour paints?

    2. no but there is that marble trick and some manage to make it look like watercolors /semi transparent... im sure this would look nice ^^

    3. I think it would be possible, you would have to make sure to tape off the majority of the nail as to just do the tips. It would look nice, I've not mastered the marbling technique. Much too much mess for my liking. If you try it you will have to let me know :)

  3. Great !!

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