16 May 2013

Swatch: Barry M - Black Multi Glitter

This is a black polish with small holographic glitter pieces, there is also silver glitter through out it. While it isn't a total black holographic polish as they seem to be very difficult to produce. Usually they end up being a grey toned holo or not holographic which is disappointing.

 You will need a topcoat with this polish though, unless you like the sandpaper effect nail feeling! Click to see more photos including before top coat application.

With topcoat

Without Topcoat

Difficult to photo the grittyness of the polish, but hope they convey it at least a little.


  1. This looks really lovely
    My first ever nail polish was a black glitter so it will always have a special place in my heart ;D


    1. I think mine was a La Femme Black :/ but yes first polishes do have a special place :D

  2. I LOVE this polish, it used to be my favourite black before W7 (convenience lol).

    I know everyone is mad for linear holos, but I do really like a holo glitter because of the tiny little dots of colour you get. This looks especially amazing in a black polish!

    1. I really like it too, its perfect with a top coat. It is different to the holos which are popular at the moment but its so pretty.


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