11 November 2015

Review: LadyQueen - Rhinestones Flower Square Pentagram Bow Drop Circle*


This wheel is from LadyQueen and contains six different silver with a opalescent finish studs. Standard circles, stars, tear drops, squares, flowers and bows. They are small, measuring around 2mm each.

Some nail accessories are overly 3D which makes wearing tricky. These studs aren't huge and don't stick out too much and so are easy to wear.


To use these I just stick them to my nails while my top coat is still wet, you could use nail glue for a more secure fix. You can use top coat over the top of the studs to seal them in to the nail which will help them to last longer if you like.

Below are some nail designs I have done using the studs, 

Simple Tear Drop;

Denim Star Studded Nails;

Marble Flower Studded Nails;

Also LadyQueen sent a pack of three adjustable rings, they are more of a C shape ring than a traditional adjustable ring so they don't pinch. As they are adjustable you can wear them as mid rings or as normal rings.

Nail Art Decorations - $4.75
Pack of 3 Rings - $5

This item was sent for reviewing purposes, that doesn't mean my opinion was influenced by this. Lady Queen were kind enough to offer my readers a 15% off code from their site, if you would like to use this it is ETLC15



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