5 November 2015

Swatch: OPI - Cosmo With A Twist* + Nail Art

OPI Cosmo With A Twist is from the Starlight Collection for Christmas 2015.

I was very kindly sent this polish by NailPolish.co.uk who now have a new website.


Colour: Purple / Blue
Finish: Duochrome
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Pro Wide
How Much? 15ml

Along with the swatch again I had to do some nail art, this taped off dotticure was something I had been meaning to try out for sometime now;


Metallic Dots:
Stagazer - Chrome Blue 235
Kleancolor - Metallic Fuchsia
ELF - Copper



  1. I adore blue-purple anything! This nail polish is really pretty, I love my darks! :) x


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