10 February 2016

Review: Born Pretty Store - Clean Up Brush (Flat UV Gel Brush)*


So the idea is that when you paint your nails you do a perfect job every time, however in the real world when you aren't a professional it doesn't always happen. Being realistic it never happens perfectly, which is where a clean up brush and acetone come in.

Review-Clean-Up-Brush-Nail-Art-Nails-Flat-Drawing-Paint-Tools-BornPrettyStore-Born-Pretty-Store-BPS Review-Clean-Up-Brush-Nail-Art-Nails-Flat-Drawing-Paint-Tools-BornPrettyStore-Born-Pretty-Store-BPS

This brush is marketed as being a Flat UV Gel Brush, I don't work with Gels, however after seeing its shape and size I think this is a great clean up brush.

The bristles are flexible with a little firmness which is what you need to create a smooth cuticle line.

It is flattened making it slim so you can get the brush up against the nail edge to clean up the polish line without taking big chunks out of the nail polish.

How do I use it?
I dip the brush in to pure acetone and wipe off the excess, then I run the brush around the nail where I have painted them imperfectly. Then I wipe the brush on a tissue, then re-dip in to the acetone until I am happy with the look.

Pre Clean Up | After Clean Up
Kiko - Black 275

Pre Clean Up | After Clean Up
Essie - Shall We Chalet

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$5.63 - BornPrettyStore

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