13 June 2018

Review: Born Pretty Store - Dual Ended Nail Picker Wax Pen*


This is a duel ended tool, the colour is purple to white gradient, it also comes in three other different colour ways.

It is 126mm in length, so around average pen length.

One end of the tool is a wax nib which is perfect for picking up little nail gems and other small otherwise tricky accessories.

I usually use a set of tweezers to apply rhinestones, however sometimes the gems ping off when I squeeze the tweezers too hard. Also I have been known to smudge the polish with the tweezers.

Picking up a rhinestone with the wax end is so easy, they almost stick to the tip but not too much that they don't transfer from the tool to the nail easily.

The other end of the tool is designed to pick up a small bead of blue tack and then using that you can pick up small nail art accessories.

Overall this is a really useful nail tool, makes placement so much accurate. Also seems to have made me wear studded items more often!

Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Dual-Ended-Nail-Picker-Wax-Pen Review-Born-Pretty-Store-Dual-Ended-Nail-Picker-Wax-Pen

I have used this tool to pick up rhinestones and small nail accessories in these nails;

[Square Nails]

[Moon Accent]

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