21 January 2021

Review: Lush - Bat Art - Bath Bomb (Halloween 2020)

Bat Art is a bath bomb released for Halloween 2020, I got this in October.

"Unfurl violet glittering bath art"

Review Lush Bat Art Bath Bomb Halloween 2020

The bath bomb itself is bat shaped, is black and has some sparkle.

The scent is along the same lines as their 'Junk' scent, described as lemon, orange, rosemary, sage and blackcurrant.

Review Lush Bat Art Bath Bomb Halloween 2020

Bat Art took a long time to dissolve, it turned the water a very dark purple colour.

I couldn't pick out a particular scent, just fresh which did linger on my skin afterwards.

Review Lush Bat Art Bath Bomb Halloween 2020

Something to note, this bath bomb does stain the bath. Also it has finely milled glitter in it which stuck to the bottom of the bath as well my skin. I didn't notice the glitter whilst in the bath.

I liked the colour this turned the water, the shape and the scent.

I didn't like having to scrub my bath afterwards, or the glitter.



  1. Mad video! I'd hate the glitter part :-| I have never tried any bath bombs. Only had a shower for like forever. But I think he is gonna get a bath installed at some point! Maybe haha!


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