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14 October 2021

Review: Lush - Lord of Misrule '21

Lord of Misrule '21 is an updated version of a previous incarnation of Lord of Misrule, which has been released as a Halloween limited edition yearly since 2013. The original was my favourite bath bomb from Lush.

"Prepare for mischief and merriment with this patchouli and vanilla fizzer. A fragrance loved by many, this familiar character has had a costume change this year. Allow the colours of the court jester to transform your bathwater and tickle your senses" -

Visually Lord of Misrule has changed from a dark green colour in a crown shape to a standard round colourful one. It also when it fizzes doesn't look dark and mysterious, it spins out light blue, yellow and pink. It doesn't look particularly Halloween-y anymore.

Original LOM Bath Bomb

The scent however is the same as the previous version, mainly patchouli but softer with vanilla and pepper. It lingers on your skin for a good few hours afterwards.

The water is left as a light green colour, which is more visually appealing than the previous dark green, brown colour.

Overall this is scent wise the same as the previous version, it just has had a make over and looks less Halloween and more year round appropriate. As the scent is the most important thing about a bath bomb to me I am happy to repurchase this updated version.


25 February 2021

Review: Lush - The Comforter Bath Bomb

"Fizzing fast to create fruity foam of purple, pink and white, this cloud-like ball of cassis will help you unwind before you hit the hay. A merry berry blanket of blackcurrant comforts and a burst of brightening bergamot oil refreshes and resets the mind. Meanwhile, soothing cypress oil ushers in a tide of comfort and joy" - Lush

The shape of this bath bomb is different from the standard round bombs from Lush.

The Comforter Bubble Bar is my go to for bubbles from Lush, this is the same scent just in a different format. Blackcurrant is the overpowering scent from this, the scent seems stronger on the bath bomb than the bubble bar. Takes a while to completely fizz in to nothing.

Turns the water an opaque pink colour, the scent lingered on my skin for hours. I didn't find it did anything to my skin other than scenting it.

Overall I liked this bath bomb and would repurchase it, which is a rare thing as I only seem to go for two of the many bath bomb options from Lush.


21 January 2021

Review: Lush - Bat Art - Bath Bomb (Halloween 2020)

Bat Art is a bath bomb released for Halloween 2020, I got this in October.

"Unfurl violet glittering bath art"

Review Lush Bat Art Bath Bomb Halloween 2020

The bath bomb itself is bat shaped, is black and has some sparkle.

The scent is along the same lines as their 'Junk' scent, described as lemon, orange, rosemary, sage and blackcurrant.

Review Lush Bat Art Bath Bomb Halloween 2020

Bat Art took a long time to dissolve, it turned the water a very dark purple colour.

I couldn't pick out a particular scent, just fresh which did linger on my skin afterwards.

Review Lush Bat Art Bath Bomb Halloween 2020

Something to note, this bath bomb does stain the bath. Also it has finely milled glitter in it which stuck to the bottom of the bath as well my skin. I didn't notice the glitter whilst in the bath.

I liked the colour this turned the water, the shape and the scent.

I didn't like having to scrub my bath afterwards, or the glitter.