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13 December 2017

Nail Polish Battle 2017: Top Three

Having now gone through all of the various categories this post is pulling together all of those winners and then working out what are the top three polishes I have acquired in 2017.

Barry M - Cotton // Barry M - Holographic Lights // A England - Rose Bower // A England - Spirit of the Moors // Barry M - Copper Dreams // A England - In Robe and Crown 

Cotton is a great staple white, however useful it may be in my collection it isn't going to win this battle, it just isn't exciting enough.

Rose Bower, is a stunning vivid pink polish, I don't usually like pink polishes but this one is pretty special. Not special enough to win though, because it is ultimately still a pink.

Copper Dreams, a great autumnal duochrome but for me it isn't that extra bit special enough to make it to the top three.

And so the top three of 2017 are;

Holographic Lights // Spirit of the Moors // In Robe and Crown

One last post to come to find out what my top nail polish of 2017 is.

7 December 2017

Nail Polish Battle 2017: Metallic

Today I am looking at metallic polishes, I only have five of these so this round wasn't as difficult.

Barry M - Pink Ice // Barry M - Bronze Bae // Barry M - Copper Mine // Barry M - Copper Dreams // Barry M - Gingerbread

To begin with I got rid of Pink Ice and Bronze Bae.

Barry M - Copper Mine // Barry M - Copper Dreams // Barry M - Gingerbread

Copper Mine is a warm copper toned polish, its a nice rich copper shade which is different to a lot of the polishes I have in my collection.

Gingerbread was a Superdrug limited edition polish from A/W 2016. It is a glass flecked bronze shade which I really like for autumn.

Ultimately I went for Copper Dreams as the winner of this round, it is another Superdrug limited edition, this time from A/W 2017. This is a shimmer, glass flecked polish which is much more red toned than Gingerbread. Again it is something different in my collection.

4 December 2017

Review: Barry M - Autumn 2017 Limited Edition Polishes


Review-Swatch-Barry-M-Autumn-2017-Limited-Edition-Polishes-Galaxy-Green Review-Swatch-Barry-M-Autumn-2017-Limited-Edition-Polishes-Galaxy-Green
Over Black, Indoors, Flash // No Base, Outdoors, No Flash

Mystic Purple
Review-Swatch-Barry-M-Autumn-2017-Limited-Edition-Polishes-Mystic-Purple Review-Swatch-Barry-M-Autumn-2017-Limited-Edition-Polishes-Mystic-Purple
Indoors, Flash // Outdoors, No Flash

Copper Dreams
Review-Swatch-Barry-M-Autumn-2017-Limited-Edition-Polishes-Copper-Dreams Review-Swatch-Barry-M-Autumn-2017-Limited-Edition-Polishes-Copper-Dreams
Indoors, Flash // Outdoors, No Flash

Purple Hex
Review-Swatch-Barry-M-Autumn-2017-Limited-Edition-Polishes-Purple-Hex Review-Swatch-Barry-M-Autumn-2017-Limited-Edition-Polishes-Purple-Hex
Over Black, Indoors, Flash // No Base, Indoors, Flash

22 November 2017

Swatch: Barry M - Copper Dreams (Superdrug Limited Edition)

[Indoors, Flash]

Colour:  Bronze, Red
Finish: Duochrome, Shimmer
Opacity: Three Coats
Brush Type: Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much? 10ml

[Outdoors, No Flash]

Is Copper Dreams a dupe for Gingerbread? No, but is similar. Gingerbread is straight up bronze with glass flecks, Copper Dreams is more copper in tone with a slight duochrome to red. Also Copper Dreams has more of a shimmer finish than Gingerbread which is more glass flecked.

Swatch-Barry-M-Gingerbread-Superdrug-Limited-Edition Swatch-Barry-M-Copper-Dreams-Superdrug-Limited-Edition
Gingerbread // Copper Dreams