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31 May 2021

7 March 2019

Swatch: Danglefoot Polish - Magneto


Colour | Dark Blue / Mid Blue
Finish | Magnetic, Scattered Holo
Opacity | Two Coats Shown
Brush Type | Flat, Wide
How Much | 10ml

Vegan and Cruelty Free

17 December 2018

Nail Polish Battle 2018: Blue

Avon - Sapphired Up // Nails Inc - The Mane Attraction // Danglefoot Polish - The First Avenger (H) // Danglefoot Polish - Paleon-Holo-Gist // Danglefoot Polish - Magneto // Danglefoot Polish - Oh Plesiosaur

My top three polishes were;

Avon - Sapphired Up is a straight up blue polish, great for nautical themed nail art.

Danglefoot Polish - Magneto, is a magnetic navy polish with holographic particles. When you use the magnet on it the polish changes to a lighter blue shade. This is great for easy galaxy themed nails.

And the winner is Danglefoot Polish - Oh Plesiosaur, which isn't a blue however it ended up in this pile because it is a Danglefoot. I like this one because it is a very holographic dark grey, charcoal polish.