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4 March 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Pastel

For today's prompt I had to do something involving decals as well as pastels.

Polishes Used:
Essie - Fiji
Barry M - Sugar Apple
Essie - Virgin Snow


28 October 2014

Tutorial: Full Nail Decal

This is how I make and use a full nail decal.

What did I use?
- Nail Stamper
- Stamping Polish
- Stamping Plate (Bundle Monster 411)
- Nail Polishes
- Top Coat

First thing I did was put the stamping polish on the plate, scrape off the excess, then roll the stamper over the image getting the image on to the stamper head.

Then I used MUA's Frozen Yoghurt in the centre of the patchwork 

Filled in two other areas with ELF's Teal Blue

Finished off the filling in with Sally Hansen's Dorian Grey

Then covered it all with a thick top coat and left it to fully dry for 30mins

Once it is dried you can gently peel off the decal / sticker

Next I painted my nail with a topcoat to give the decal something to stick too

Next I placed the decal on the nail and pressed it down so there are no air bubbles

Once you have top coated the image and let it dry you can begin to pull away the excess. You can use acetone on a clean up brush for a perfect edge.

These are the finished nail design I came up with using this method and design