29 April 2013

Tutorial: Quilted Nails

If you wanted to see some quilted nails with fur, then you can here. Now on to this post, this is a how to do quilted nails, I have done these using black polish because I have a bit of a thing for all things dark, however you can use any colour you like. It will work with the same method. You can skip the mattifying step, it will still work if you do it will just be more subtle.

Paint your nails, I went with W7's Black

Then I matted my nails, you can skip this step if you like.

Use stripping tape in a criss cross pattern, then paint over it and then pull off the striping tape

And that is you done. Make sure to work one nail at a time and as soon as you have painted the nail to pull off the striping tape so that the polish doesn't dry on top of the tape. I like the contract between the matte and shiny but as I said it will still be textured if you skip the mattifying step.



  1. wow!!! its gr8!!! I too have done the same thing but its the other way round....... i matted the blocks after putting the striping tape but it didn't come as desired, it rather looked embossed, will soon publish it on my blog......


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