30 April 2013

Nails: Polka Dots and Bows

Those with a keen eye may recognise this nail design from a review I did earlier in the year. However these are quite cute if not a little bit busy, and needed a proper post. I really need to wear bows on my nails more often I think.

Base Polishes: Sally Hansen - Delphinium and First Kiss, Revlon - Cloud, ELF - Mint Cream, W7 - Sheer Lemon.
Nail Tattoos: Fake Tattoos



  1. I love the colors and the bows...so cute

  2. Aww these are cute and totally different to the nails I am used to see in your blog :D

    1. lol! Yes they are very different, not sure if they are too busy but cute either way. Perhaps more wearable on someone other than me :p


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