5 December 2018

Nail Polish Battle 2018: Grey

Today I am going over the grey polishes I have gotten during 2018.

OPI - Ornament To Be Together // A England - Jane Morris // A England - Moth A Fairy // OPI - Coalmates // OPI - Top The Package With A Beau // Revlon - Talk Dirty

First thing is to work out my top three;

A England - Jane Morris // A England - Moth A Fairy // OPI - Coalmates

A England - Jane Morris is a mid grey holographic polish. I really like how it is prismatic but not in your face bright.

OPI - Coalmates is a metallic charcoal shade, with some scattered holographic particles.

And the winner is: A England - Moth A Fairy! This polish is deeper in tone than Jane Morris, but equally as holographic. A dark grey, moody, holographic polish.


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