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14 September 2021

Topic Tuesday: Brands You Want to Try in 2021 - Update

In January I said I would like to try more Danglefoot, ILNP and Fancy Gloss this year.

Danglefoot is on hiatus because of maternity leave so I haven't bought anything from them this year.

I have two new ILNP, Black Orchid and Funshine Smoothie.

As for Fancy Gloss I have a black clear thermal from them which will be good for peek-a-boo style Halloween nails.


30 August 2021

Nail Art: Indigo Cyclops

Cyclops is a indigo jelly base with copper flakies, I don't like visible nail line on myself and so layered in on Barry M Indigo which matched Cyclops well.

Indigo Base | Danglefoot - Cyclops
Jelly Topper | Barry M - Indigo


9 July 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: Danglefoot - Cyclops

[Indoors, Flash]

Colour | Blue Indigo, Bronze Flakies
Finish | Jelly Base with Chrome Flakies
Opacity | Three Coats Shown
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
How Much | 10ml
Collection | X-Men Heroes
Purchased From |

I think next time I wear this I will use a similar colour as a base as I'm not too keen on jelly polishes.

[Daylight, No Flash]


18 June 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: Danglefoot - Tears in Rain [PPU July 2019 - Rewind]

This polish had been on my list since I missed out on it in June 2019. 
So thank you to the person destashing it!

[Indoors, Flash]

Colour | Denim Blue, Burnt Orange / Red Shimmer
Finish | Holographic
Opacity | Two Coats
How Much | 10ml
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
Collection | PPU - Weather June 2019

5 Free
Cruelty Free

[Indoors, No Flash]

[Daylight, No Flash]


11 June 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: Danglefoot - Oh Plesiosaur 2.0

Recently Danglefoot have reformulated the Dino Mite Collection, this is Oh Plesiosaur which originally was more of a charcoal shade compared to this version which is more of a deep purple. I will compare the two at the end.

[Indoors, Flash]

Colour | Deep Aubergine
Finish | Holographic
Opacity | Two Coats Shown
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
How Much | 10ml
Collection | Dino Mite

[Indoors, No Flash]

[Direct Sunlight]

Oh Plesiosaur 2.0 // Oh Plesiosaur


31 May 2021

24 May 2021

Nail Art: Coffee Makes Me Smile

Holo Polish | Danglefoot Polish - I'm Gonna Wreck It
Stamping Plate | Born Pretty 91


26 April 2021

Nail Art: Cyclops Accent

Light Purple | Prism Polish - Snuggly Snood
Accent Undies | Barry M - Indigo
Accent Polish | Danglefoot - Cyclops


6 April 2021

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Polish Purchase 2021

I think that so far in 2021 my favourite polish would be either Danglefoot Cyclops which is a jelly finish indigo polish with copper flakies. Or Danglefoot Tears in Rain, which had been on my 'lust list' since June 2019. It is a denim blue with orange, red shimmer.

Cyclops // Tears in Rain 


26 February 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: Danglefoot Polish - Buttons for Eyes [PPU July 2020 - Rewind]

[Indoors, Ring Light]

Colour | Purple
Finish | Chrome / Slight Blue Duochrome / Silver Glass Fleck
Opacity | Two Coats
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
How Much | 10ml
Purchased From | Polish Pick Up UK

Swatch-Danglefoot-Polish -Buttons-for-Eyes
[Outdoors, No Flash]