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13 December 2021

Nail Polish Battle 2021: Purple

Today I am looking at purple polishes, I have added 22 new purple's to my collection which is the largest category in this 'battle'.

Essie - Saltwater Happy // Barry M - Lilac Orchid // Barry M - Palma Violet // Emily de Molly - Rock Solid // Prism Polish - Cortinarius // Orly - Synthetic Symphony // Painted Polish - Right As Rainbows // Quixotic Polish - Morning Glory // Girly Bits - Where My Demons Hide // Aj Nails - Purpleous // Barry M - Plum Jam

As there were so many purple polishes choosing my top three was very difficult;

Right As Rainbows was a surprisingly good polish, it was part of July 2021 rewind Polish Pick Up. It is a cornflower crelly base with iridescent multichrome flakes. I usually prefer darker polishes but this one is quite special and the flakes make it glowy, it has a flat and wide brush and takes two coats for full opacity.

Next is Virginia Woolf which is much more a 'me' shade, it is part of the Moments With Virginia collection. The holographic polish was a one coater and the brush is a paddle shape. Virginia Woolf is a deep garnet shade, more of a berry colour than a straight up red or pink.

And so the winner of this battle is Danglefoot Cyclops, it was so hard to choose between this and the A England. Cyclops was part of the X-Men Hero collection, and the brush is flat and wide. It is a jelly indigo base with copper flakes within it. It is shown below with two coats but I prefer to wear it layered over an indigo polish such as Barry M Indigo as I don't like jelly polishes on myself.


28 September 2021

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Destash Finds

Danglefoot Tears in Rain was a polish I missed out on years ago, it was originally from Polish Pick Up in June 2019 but I managed to find it earlier this year in a destash sale.


18 June 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: Danglefoot - Tears in Rain [PPU July 2019 - Rewind]

This polish had been on my list since I missed out on it in June 2019. 
So thank you to the person destashing it!

[Indoors, Flash]

Colour | Denim Blue, Burnt Orange / Red Shimmer
Finish | Holographic
Opacity | Two Coats
How Much | 10ml
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
Collection | PPU - Weather June 2019

5 Free
Cruelty Free

[Indoors, No Flash]

[Daylight, No Flash]


6 April 2021

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Polish Purchase 2021

I think that so far in 2021 my favourite polish would be either Danglefoot Cyclops which is a jelly finish indigo polish with copper flakies. Or Danglefoot Tears in Rain, which had been on my 'lust list' since June 2019. It is a denim blue with orange, red shimmer.

Cyclops // Tears in Rain