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17 December 2022

Nail Polish Battle 2022: Yellow, Orange and Gold

Today I am looking at the 14 yellow, orange, gold polishes, majority of them are from Barry M;

I don't often reach for these shades, but ended up picking the following for the top three.

In third place is Flaming June, it is a very bright but autumnal holo polish.

Second is Touch of Magic, its a warm bronze tone, almost a rose gold shade.

The winner of this round is Champagne Supernova, very much an autumnal polish which I have worn a few times during the past few months. Brown, orange, red, green duochrome with scattered holo.


24 November 2022

52 Week Nail Challenge: Rainbow

This week's prompt is 'Rainbow'. Here is a link to my 2012 version, as well as the image below my 2022 version;

Base Polish | Barry M - Defiant
Red PolishBarry - M Chilli
Yellow PolishBarry M - Mustard
Green PolishBarry M - JalapeƱo
Blue PolishCuccio - Lauren BluCal
Indigo PolishBarry M - Gummy Bear

2012 Version;


20 November 2022

Nail Polish Swatch: Barry M - Defiant (Nail Vault 2022)

Defiant is unique to the Gelly's, it is most similar to Paprika, the next closest would be Chai Latte which isn't too similar. I've compared them below.

Colour | Deep Terracotta / Burnt Clay
Finish | Cream
Opacity | Two Coats
Brush Type | Paddle Style
How Much | 10ml
Vegan | Yes
Cruelty Free | Yes
Purchased From |

Chai Latte | Defiant | Paprika