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30 July 2021

Swatch: Nail Artisan: Nobody Move! I Dropped Me Brain (Flakie Topper)

I saw a topper I liked from an American brand but the cost was too much. So I have been trying to find one similar to it, today I have Nobody Move! I Dropped Me Brain;

Colour | Cyan, Purple
Finish | Duochrome, Flakie Topper
Opacity | Topper, shown in two coats above
Brush Type | Flat, Rounded Cuticle
How Much | 10ml
Collection | A Pirates Tale
Purchased From Nail Artisan
Vegan | Yes
Cruelty Free | Yes
10 Free


28 August 2020

Swatch: Nail Artisan - Witching Hour

[Daylight, No Flash]

Colour | Blue / Green / Purple
Finish | Duochrome
Opacity | Two Coats Shown
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
How Much | 10ml
Collection | Dusk Till Dawn
Bought From | Nail-Artisan

Vegan and Cruelty Free

[Indoors, Ring Light]

[Indoors, Ring Light]

Below it is shown matte;

[Matte Abstract]


14 July 2020

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Online Shop for Polish

At the moment I am buying more from Rainbow Connection, some polishes from the Polish Pick Up section and then others from the standard shop. Another place I have been using more recently is Nail Artisan.