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29 November 2017

Nails: Top 5 Winter Polishes 2017

Today I thought I would share my five polish picks for Winter 2017. I did a similar post last year which you can see here if you like.

A England - In Robe and Crown // Avon - Opalescent // Barry M - Blue Jade // Ciate - Cabaret // W7 - Metallic Mercury

Index | Avon - Opal Top Coat
Middle | A England - In Robe and Crown
Ring | Barry M - Blue Jade
Little | Ciate - Cabaret
Thumb | W7 - Metallic Mercury

Avon - Opalescent - I chose this one as it is something a little different to the traditional glitter polishes you would expect at this time of year. It is a chunky flakie polish, which I like layered over a black base.

A England - In Robe and Crown - This is a stunning aubergine holographic polish, deep but interesting which again is something a bit special.

Barry M - Blue Jade - A new addition to my collection, this isn't anything spectacular as with the previous two, however this is a dusky blue shade which isn't vivid and in your face as some blue polishes. This one would be great for winter sweater nails.

Ciate - Cabaret again along the same lines as Blue Jade, this one is a deep purple but not too dark that it just looks black. This again would look good with winter nail art or even a glitter gradient.

W7 - Metallic Mercury, I chose this one as it is a glass flecked duochrome. Recently Nails Inc has brought out some 'Dirty Unicorn' polishes and I think this one is a dupe for one of those, Rainbow Hooves. My photo is dated (2013) and doesn't really show the colour change.

4 December 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Flakie


Base Polish: Nails Inc - Queensbury Way
Flakie Polish: Avon - Opal Top Coat

Red Nail Art Pen
Gold Nail Art Pen
Black Nail Art Pen
White Nail Art Pen

0.2mm Black Sharpie

22 December 2014

Nail Polish Battle 2014: Glitters!

This is the final battle, before moving on to my top three. I seem to have acquired a fair few glitters this past year.

Angelica - Bobby Dazzler // OPI - // Claire's - Dizzy // Jacava - Oxford Street // Leighton Denny - Be Unique // Leighton Denny - Be Individual // Avon - Opal // Barry M - Crystal Glaze

First I whittled these down to three, I like the purple tones to and the Avon polish is quite unique. It isn't quite a flakie polish but it is along those lines.

The winner of the three is Claire's Dizzy, because this is quite a unique polish. Multi neon glitters are quite common in the land of indie polish but this is a main stream polish at a bargain price. This is very summer appropriate over white but I think it would work really well over black as well.


26 May 2014

Nails: Purple Opal

Having used Avon's Opal top coat over black I wanted to try it out over a different colour to see how it worked out. It is still pretty over a lighter colour but I think most effective over a black polish.


Base Polish: Yes Love - K033

17 February 2014

Swatch: Avon - Opal Top Coat

This is similar to a flakie polish, however the pieces are thicker and can stick out a little bit, nothing a topcoat won't smooth out. It seems as if it is bits of hand cut glitter in a clear base.


 Colour: Blue and Green in Clear Base
Finish: Flakie
Opacity: Two Dabbed Coats Shown
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 12ml