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15 June 2021

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Nude Polishes

I'm not someone who wears a lot of nude polishes, looking at my collection I've chosen the top two I like.


3 May 2021

Nail Art: Pink Abstract Roses

Pink Polish | Champneys - Pink
Matte Polish | Barry M - Matte Top Coat
Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang 02
Stamping Plate | Konad M65


5 December 2017

Nail Polish Battle 2017: Nude and Pink

Today is the turn of nude and pink polishes, of which there are nine.

Barry M - Cotton // Barry M - Almond // Barry M - Pink Lemonade // Barry M - Olive // Barry M - Peanut Butter // Barry M - Dragon Fruit // Barry M - Acai Smoothie // Barry M - Pink Punch // A England - Briar Rose

Firstly choosing my top three;

Peanut Butter is quite a unique polish in my collection, its not an orange, yellow or peach or really a nude either.

Briar Rose, this was an easy choice because it is the only holographic polish in this category. I like how it is a pink polish but is also more dusky in tone.

However the winner of this round is Cotton, a basic cream formula white polish. I chose this as the winner because it is such a good, opaque white polish.

19 November 2017

Swatch: Barry M - Peanut Butter


Colour: Caramel Nude
Finish: Cream
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much? 10ml