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4 December 2020

Swatch: ILNP - Eclipse

Eclipse is described as an ultra chrome, jaw droppingly unique and intense. Those are some pretty big claims and it is always going to be subjective. However this is definitely a very shifty polish. I want to try this again over a black base which might make it pop even more. I did end up being distracted when doing boring tasks by this which is always good!

[Daylight, No Flash]

Colour | Steel Grey, Red, Orange, Brown
Finish | Ultrachrome
Opacity | Three Coats
Brush Type | Flat, Wide
How Much | 12ml
Collection | The Wicked Collection

[Indoors, No Flash]

[Indoors, Flash]

[Daylight, No Flash]

A quick comparison on this holographic version to the standard version;


3 November 2020

Topic Tuesday: Wish List

I have a page dedicated to my wish lish, I tend to put them on there so I don't forget which pretties I would like!

Currently at top of wish list is ILNP Eclipse which is described as a ultra chrome, looks black straight on changing to red and hinting at orange, gold and teal. I am unsure if the polish will live up the the hype but as I like dark polishes anyway I doubt I will be disappointed.