3 November 2020

Topic Tuesday: Wish List

I have a page dedicated to my wish lish, I tend to put them on there so I don't forget which pretties I would like!

Currently at top of wish list is ILNP Eclipse which is described as a ultra chrome, looks black straight on changing to red and hinting at orange, gold and teal. I am unsure if the polish will live up the the hype but as I like dark polishes anyway I doubt I will be disappointed.



  1. Too many! I want the new Kikos, so getting them on Friday I hope and a few others!

    1. No, got them instore and picked up a few others. Essie from TK Maxx, the limited edition Barry Ms from Superdrug. Our stores are still open up here. We just have other restrictions....mainly around booze haha! Which doesn't bother me really. As long as the shops stay open, it doesn't really effect me. How you coping on full lockdown again?

    2. Ah my local Kiko barely has any polishes in.

      Full lockdown doesn't seem all that much different from where the north east was before, tier 3 I think.

    3. There are a few Kikos I can go to and they are usually well stocked. But online is better with the offers for sure.

      Pfft they are talking about putting most of Central Scotland into full lockdown. Meaning everything apart from essentials will be open, like in March :-O I just keep seeing how many places are shutting and cutting jobs...even Greggs now!

    4. I saw that Scotland are changing the rules, and about leaving and entering the country. The high streets have been in decline for a while now and covid has definitely sped it up.


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