19 December 2017

Review: BeautyBigBang - Silicone Stamper and Scraper*


This is a large clear squishy stamping head which is held within a clear holder, this one is from BeautyBigBang.

The exact size of this is; diameter 4cm, height 5.5cm.

The stamping head is made of a squishy silicone, I would describe this as being very squishy but not as much as a sticky marshmallow style stamper. 

I could use this straight out of the package, it didn't need priming or prepping in anyway. It comes with a branded cap which is very useful for storage as it stops lint from sticking to it. I don't recommend using acetone to clean this stamper, I would suggest a sticky lint roller for this one.

What I liked about this stamper is how the head as well as the holder, is clear which means that it is very easy to line up the image on the nail.

The scraper is also clear, this one has a festive design on it. It is the size of a credit card although it is a lot more flexible than a typical card or scraper.

I have a 10% off code "ERA10" which you can use on the website if you would like.

Clear Silicone Stamper & Scraper

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