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9 December 2021

Nail Polish Battle 2021: Pink, Red, Orange and Yellow

So far I have looked back at glitter polishes and green polishes, today is all the pink, red, orange and yellow polishes that joined my collection in 2021.

ILNP - Funshine Smoothie // Barry M - Pineapple Punch // Barry M - Apricot Tart // Barry M - Spicy Mango // Barry M - Hot Chilli // Barry M - Watermelon Juice // Barry M - Cranberry // Barry M - Boysenberry // Barry M - Red Sea // Rimmel - Darkest Desires // Barry M - Goji Berry

Choosing the top three of these was tricky as there were more of them;

I purchased Funshine Smoothie as I wanted to do a holographic rainbow and didn't have yellow holographic polish. This is a yellow which does lean towards gold, it took two coats and has a flatterned brush.

Barry M Spicy Mango was part of the Summer 2021 gelly collection, it is a burnt orange, almost a rust shade. Two coats with a paddle brush for easy application. It's quite a unique shade to my collection as it isn't a standard orange polish.

So the winner is Boysenberry, which compared to other shades in this round almost looks purple but it is a pink. I looked the colour name up and it said "pizza edge". I like this polish, it is nice vibrant, the brush is the newer paddle style and was part of the Green Origin line.


10 June 2021

Then and Now Throwback Nails: Red Skittle

Originally I did these nails in 2010, not difficult to recreate but I think I have improved my painting technique. I didn't still have the original polishes used but used similar ones.

Index Finger | OPI - My Wishlist is You
Middle Finger | Barry M - Hot Chilli
 Ring Finger | Ciate - Mistress
Little Finger | OPI - Gingers Revenge
Thumb | OPI - Adam Said "It's New Year's Eve"


23 April 2021

Nail Art: St. George's Day

I haven't done nails for St. George's Day in years but if you want to see those you can from 2013 here and 2012 here.

White Polish | OPI - Alpine Snow
Black Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang 02
Stamping Plate | Nicole Diary L01

Striping Tape


14 April 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: Barry M - Hot Chilli (Summer 2021 Gellys)

Barry M released a range of six gelly polishes for Summer 2021. I have compared this one to previous gelly polishes. I don't think they are actual dupes of any others but they are very similar. Hot Chilli is most like Blood Orange but slightly lighter.

Nail Polish Swatch Barry M Hot Chilli Summer 2021 Gellys

Colour | Classic Bright Red
Finish | Cream
Opacity | Two Coats
Brush Type | Flat, Wide, Rounded
How Much | 10ml
Cruelty Free | Yes
Vegan | Yes
Collection | Summer 2021 Gelly's

Passion Fruit // Blood Orange // Hot Chilli // Chilli

Daylight - No Flash

Passion Fruit // Blood Orange // Hot Chilli // Chilli

Daylight - No Flash

Passion Fruit // Blood Orange // Hot Chilli // Chilli

Indoors - Flash

Passion Fruit // Blood Orange // Hot Chilli // Chilli

Indoors - No Flash