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23 December 2019

Nail Polish Battle 2019: Top Three

For today's nail polish battle I am showing all the winners from each round, and choosing the top three for 2019. Had I of looked at all of the polishes I had got during 2019 I really don't think choosing that way I would have ended up with these particular polishes. That said doing these polish battles is interesting and a fun way to overview my new polishes.

Barry M - Butterscotch | OPI - I Pull The Strings | Essie - Angora Cardi | Barry M - Blueberry Muffin | Rimmel - Blue Sea Star | Superchic Lacquer - Zombie Crush | A England - Goth

So from the seven I ended up with these three;

Essie - Angora Cardi | Rimmel - Blue Sea Star | A England - Goth

Angora Cardi is in the top three, it's a dusty, muted pink shade which for me is more wearable than the other pink polishes. It is something I seem to reach for more in autumn.

Rimmel - Blue Sea Star, made it in to the top three for similar reasons as Angora Cardi. A muted, dusty polish shade which is unique to my collection.

And finally making it in to the top three is A England - Goth. I really like the formula, the brush is flat, wide and rounded at cuticle. It is holographic and is dark aubergine but is still distinguishable from a standard black polish.

The winning polish of 2019 will be the next and final post in this series.


20 December 2019

Nail Polish Battle 2019: Glitter and Metallic

Seeing as there were only four in this particular category it was easy to get rid of one, that was throwing shapes which was a silver but with a golden shimmer throughout it.

Always On Top is a topper, glass flecked finish. It is a nice polish but for me it was a bit too light. Sound of Sequins is a standard metallic silver polish, it isn't unique to my collection which is why I Pull The Strings won. It is a rose gold chunky and micro glitter in a clear base. Surprised myself at liking something rose gold.


18 November 2019

Swatch: OPI - I Pull The Strings


Colour | Gold, Rose Gold, Silver
Finish | Glitter in clear base
Opacity | One coat over Barry M Vintage Violet
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
How Much | 15ml