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26 December 2022

Nail Polish Battle 2022: Top Three

Today I am looking at all eight polishes which won each previous rounds to work out what the top three polishes are which have come in to my collection within the past year.

Fairy Peas, I found the round green glitters quite different from other glitter polishes. Fairy Peas is a purple jelly base with pink flakes and circular green glitters.

Chase is a cream berry shade, it is very basic compared to others in this battle.

Sapphire Shards is a thermal going from light blue to dark blue with small blue flakies within.

Champagne Supernova, is quite autumnal. Brown, orange, red, green multichrome with scattered holo.

Love and Tragedy is a busy polish with lots going on, magnetic, green to purple multichrome with flakies.


Bloody and Bruised is a cream thermal changing from plum, blue to lilac.

Stolen Flame is a blue / purple packed with flakies and micro holo glitters.

Finally Liquid Vinyl, which is a basic black cream polish. It is very opaque, has a paddle shaped brush and has quickly become my go to black polish.

After looking at eight polishes I have whittled them down to Fairy PeasSapphire Shards and Bloody and Bruised;


16 December 2022

Nail Polish Battle 2022: Green

Today's battle is green polishes, I don't have too many within this colour category.

Fizzy Apple is a deep bright green, a unique tone to my collection.

Choosing between the top two was difficult. I ended up picking Dragon Glass for second place, it is packed full of flakies.

In first place I've chosen Love and Tragedy, inspired by 90's movie Titanic. It is a very busy polish, magnetic, multichrome with flakies.



Nail Polish Swatch: Whatcha - Love and Tragedy [PPU July 2022 - Rewind]

Colour | Green / Purple / Blue Multichrome Magnetic, Gold Iridescent Flakes
Finish | Multichrome, Magnetic, Flakie
Opacity | Two Coats over a black
Brush Type | Flat, Rounded Cuticle
How Much | 10ml
Vegan | Yes
Cruelty Free | Yes
Theme | The Nineties - Titanic
Purchased From | Polish Pickup UK