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4 November 2022

Nail Polish Swatch: Rimmel - Moonlight Magic 902

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and so every Friday to raise awareness I am doing blue nails.

Type one diabetes can be diagnosed at any age, are you aware of the four T's?
The four T's stand for Toilet, Thirsty, Tired and Thinner.

Colour | Navy
Finish | Shimmer
Opacity | Two Coats
Brush Type | Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much | 8ml
Collection | Rita Ora


16 December 2021

Nail Polish Battle 2021: Grey, Blue and Black

 So far I have looked back at purple polishesnude and brown polishespink, red, orange and yellow polishesglitter polishes and green polishes, today is all the grey, blue and black polishes that joined my collection in 2021.

Barry M - Aronia Berry // Barry M - Charcoal // Barry M - Berry Pie // Barry M - Blue Margarita // Barry M - Salt Lake // Prism Polish - New Year, New Meh // By Dany Vianna - Starry Sky // A England - The Waves // Whatcha - Heart of the Ocean // Barry M - Night Sky // Danglefoot - Oh Plesiosaur // Rimmel - Moonlight Magic // ILNP - Eclipse (H) // A England - Orlando // Rimmel - Matte Black

By Dany Vianna Starry Sky, I hadn't tried any polishes by this brand but this one is really beautiful. All of the people I have asked have known exactly which art piece inspired the polish, Starry Night Van Gogh. It was part of August's Polish Pick Up and the theme for that was the elements. A sheer jelly base with glitters and star glitters.

Barry M Night Sky is a straightforward navy cream, part of the Green Origin line, paddle brush and opaque in two coats. I like this polish as a base for nail art, layering other polishes over, it is a deep blue but still clearly a blue rather than a black.

Which leaves Whatcha Heart of the Ocean as the winner. Another from Polish Pick Up, the theme of this one was 'The Nineties' and in particular the film Titanic. The polish is a deep blue base, packed with blue flakes and holo glitter. I like the depth of colour in this polish, and it just like the colour of the jewellery dropped back in to the ocean towards the end of the movie.


4 December 2021

Nail Polishes Worn: November 2021

During November I didn't wear as many polishes as in previous months, below are the eight I did wear;

Rimmel - Moonlight Magic // Picture Polish - Bold // Dany Vianna - Starry Sky // DRK - PuriFire

Girly Bits - Where My Demons Hide // OPI - Less is Norse // Revlon - Facets of Fuchsia // Nailed It - Peppermint Bark


4 September 2021

Nail Polishes Worn: August 2021

As with last month I saw this idea on Nailpolish BabyyNinety's YouTube video and thought it could be interesting to look back on. These are polishes worn during August, only the main polishes used not including smaller accent polishes.

Barry M - Black Forest // Polish Me Silly - Glow For It // Born Pretty - Sunset Pink // Barry M - Charcoal

Barry M - Cranberry // Leighton Denny - Embellish Me // DRK - Raspberry in Blue // Barry M - Rock Pool

Barry M - Boysenberry // Barry M - Down to Earth // Rimmel - Moonlight Magic // Whatcha - Heart of the Ocean

Aj Nails - Purpleous // Barry M - Evergreen // Barry M - Down to Earth