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9 November 2023

Same Prompt One Decade Later Nails: Ombre

Today I am sharing my of the prompt 'ombre' a decade on from the original which you can see here.

Thumb Nail Polish | Barry M - Wisteria
Index Nail Polish | Barry M - Gummy Bear
Middle Nail Polish | Avon - Purplelicious
Ring Nail Polish | Seventeen - Royal Indigo
Little Nail Polish | Yes Love - K033

2013 Version;


15 December 2018

Nail Polish Battle 2018: Purple

Ten new purple polishes this past year!

Born Pretty Store - Tender // Nails Inc - Shake That Tail // Barry M - Rhubarb // A England - The Most Happy // Avon - Purplelicious // Nails Inc - Hot To Trot // Nails Inc - Rainbow Hooves // OPI - Wanna Wrap? // OPI - Black Cherry Chutney // OPI - Holidazed Over You

First was the task of picking my top three;

Barry M - Rhubarb is a beautiful berry shade, a warm toned purple, the brush is flat, wide and rounded at cuticle which is my preferred brush type.

Avon - Purplelicious is a cool toned purple, exactly what you would want from a purple shade.

The winner however is Nails Inc - Rainbow Hooves, a dark purple glitter shade. Something which is really nice for the winter months.


11 August 2014

Nails: Octopus


Base Polish: Nails Inc - New York Noir, TarasTalons - Purplelicious
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Silver Foil Effect
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 401